Celebrate your web3 journey. Complete Quests to earn XP and level up on Layer3!

Level 5

Reach Level 5 by earning XP

Level 10

Reach Level 10 by earning XP

Level 20

Reach Level 20 by earning XP

Level 30

Reach Level 30 by earning XP

Level 40

Reach Level 40 by earning XP

Level 50

Reach Level 50 by earning XP

GM Streak

This one’s for the GM’ers. Keep your streak going and see how high you can go 🔥

3 Day GM Streak

Hit the GM button 3 days in a row

1 Week GM Streak

Hit the GM button 7 days in a row

2 Week GM Streak

Hit the GM button 14 days in a row

1 Month GM Streak

Hit the GM button 30 days in a row

50 Day GM Streak

Hit the GM button 50 days in a row

75 Day GM Streak

Hit the GM button 75 days in a row

100 Day GM Streak

Hit the GM button 100 days in a row

125 Day GM Streak

Hit the GM button 125 days in a row

180 Day GM Streak

Hit the GM button 180 days in a row

250 Day GM Streak

Hit the GM button 250 days in a row

1 Year GM Streak

Hit the GM button 365 days in a row


You’ve come a long way, explorer. Try your hand at these web3 Quests to pave the way forward. How many challenges will you conquer?

Crypto Curious

Complete 5 Challenges

Rookie Explorer

Complete 10 Challenges

Bold Wayfarer

Complete 20 Challenges

Daring Voyager

Complete 50 Challenges

Brave Pathfinder

Complete 100 Challenges

Intrepid Pioneer

Complete 200 Challenges

Boundless Conqueror

Complete 500 Challenges

Feelin’ Optimistic

Let your achievements shine and become an Optimism expert with Layer3. Brighten your way by collecting ‘em all and access exclusive rewards reserved for the most Optimistic.

First Spark

Complete 5 Optimism Challenges

Glow Up

Complete 10 Optimism Challenges

Shining Optimist

Complete 20 Optimism Challenges

Radiant Optimist

Complete 50 Optimism Challenges

Enlightened Optimist

Complete 100 Optimism Challenges

Iridescent Optimist

Complete 200 Optimism Challenges

Arbitrum Adventurer

Blast off into the world of Arbitrum with Layer3. Collect these achievements as you blaze new trails with Arbitrum and unlock exclusive rewards. Reach for the stars, adventurer!

Out of this World

Complete 5 Arbitrum Challenges

Awesome Arbinaut

Complete 10 Arbitrum Challenges

Rocket Scientist

Complete 20 Arbitrum Challenges

Planetary Conqueror

Complete 50 Arbitrum Challenges

Inter-Galactic Wizard

Complete 100 Arbitrum Challenges

Cosmic Legend

Complete 200 Arbitrum Challenges

Avalanche Explorer

Brave the snowy slopes of the Avalanche ecosystem with Layer3. Complete more Quests to reach the icy heights of the Avalanche chain and unlock exclusive ecosystem rewards.

Bunny Slopes

Complete 5 Avalanche Challenges

Alluring Alpinist

Complete 10 Avalanche Challenges

Frosty Fanatic

Complete 20 Avalanche Challenges

Arctic Titan

Complete 50 Avalanche Challenges

Icy Iconoclast

Complete 100 Avalanche Challenges

Snowy Conqueror

Complete 200 Avalanche Challenges

Polygon Pioneer

Delve into the exciting world of Polygon with Layer3. Collect these badges to prove your status in the upper echelons and access exclusive rewards for the Polygon elite.

Polygon Pathfinder

Complete 5 Polygon Challenges

Polygon Polymath

Complete 10 Polygon Challenges

Polygon Pro

Complete 20 Polygon Challenges

Polygon Prestige

Complete 50 Polygon Challenges

Polygon Pioneer

Complete 100 Polygon Challenges

Polygon Paragon

Complete 200 Polygon Challenges

Special Achievements

Oooh, shiny. Special achievements for a select few. Can you collect them all?

Weekend Degen

Complete at least two Bounties over the weekend

Early Bird

Be one of the first 10 to complete a Challenge