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1inch DAO: Governance Proposals







in 5 days


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  1. Write a 1inch Improvement Proposal (1IP) and submit it to the 1inch DAO governance forum

  2. Include your Ethereum mainnet wallet address in the proposal so that no one else can submit your proposal to the contest. 

  3. Officially enter this contest by signing in to Layer3 using your Ethereum wallet and submitting a link to your proposal’s governance forum post.

  4. The Ethereum address in the proposal, and the address used to sign in to Layer3, must match.

The competition will last 3 weeks. Upon conclusion, the top 3 proposals will receive 200 1INCH each.

Please post any questions regarding this contest, or the governance process as a whole, in the 1inch Discord governance-channel, or on the 1inch DAO governance forum.

Selection Criteria:

  • Completeness: Submission should follow the 1IP Template.

  • Clarity: Submissions should clearly define the actions required to implement them.

  • Community Engagement: comments, Phase-3 temperature check poll results (if applicable), etc…

  • Author’s Dedication: The author should be addressing community comments and working to progress through the phases of the 1IP lifecycle.

  • Submissions that use sock-puppet accounts, brigading, or poll stuffing will be disqualified. 


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via Ethereum

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