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Bricks Protocol- No Loss Trading Tournament

Participate and trade in a no-loss crypto trading tournament.





Deadline (expired)

1 day ago

Instructions from Bricks Protocol

Bricks Protocol's TESTNET is finally LIVE!

Our aim is to make crypto trading fun for beginners and help them learn without any risk involved.

So, we have our first trading contest. The prize of 500 USDT will be distributed equally among the top 5.🏅🏅

How to participate? Follow these steps-

✍🏻 Fill out this Google form with your details and follow this guide to understand everything about the contest.

🎮 Access the Testnet here and connect your wallet. After that, make sure to join in the ongoing "Testnet Trading Competition".

🎊 Trade without any risk and make sure you stay in the top 5 by the end of this contest to win 500 USDT in rewards.

📱Tweet about our contest and with a link to the testnet- Share the link to your tweet as submission.

Sounds fun? See ya there.

If you need any help, then contact us in our Discord server. For now, LFG!!🚀🚀

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