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Yearn Governance

Yearn is a suite of products in DeFi that provides yield generation, lending aggregation, and more on the blockchain. The protocol is maintained by various independent developers and is governed by YFI holders.

Find out more: https://yearn.finance/






Deadline (expired)

20 days ago

Instructions from Dune Analytics

Bounty Description

Yearn started transitioning into a multi-DAO structure on Apr 25, 2021, and the Multi-DAO consists of these independent groups including YFI holders, yTeams and the Multisig. At its core, the YFI token serves as a tool for coordination between Yearn’s contributors, community and associated protocols. In fact, the Yearn team even did buyback of YFI from sellers in March this year.

For this bounty, create a Dune dashboard focusing on the level of decentralization and governance of Yearn. Some of the things to consider include: token holder distribution and delegation, hold period, voting participation and proposals etc.

Bonus points for analysis on whale wallets influence over voting, and/or comparing Yearn governance vs another DAO.

This article may help you on understanding Yearn governance: https://medium.com/iearn/yearn-governance-explained-proposals-yfi-token-and-execution-113ec86c3a3f


  • Submit your Dune Dashboard along with the analysis here

  • Prizes: A total prize of $5,000 USDT to be awarded to the best 3 submissions:

    • 1st: $2,500 USDT

    • 2nd: $1,500 USDT

    • 3rd: $1,000 USDT

We will review all submissions within one week following the end of the bounty program, and the prize will be paid after.

Criteria of Evaluation

We will evaluate each submission based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy & Completeness: Data is accurate, trustworthy and the analysis complete.

  • Clarity & Readability: The visualisation and data are well explained, documented and easy to read.

  • Insights & Originality: The analysis demonstrates the overall thesis and shows originality of insights from the submitter.

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